Over its 17 year history Aust Care Environmental Servics has successfully and safely delivered a myriad of natural area management functions for Local and State Governments, Public Utility Organisations, Private Developers, Mine sites and large Graziers.

The works the company has delivered for the sectors has included:

  • Stabilising large steep and exposed batters
  • Rehabilitating waterways
  • Undertaking mass native tube stock plantings
  • Constructing rock lined swale drains, small sediment basins, diversion berms and assortment of erosion and sediment control devices
  • Project managing direct seeding and hydro-mulching operations
  • Declared Pest Plant and environmental weed control and general ecological restoration works
  • Removal and disposal of dumped car bodies, tyres and assortment of wastes
  • Rectification of fencing
  • Construction of earth and rock lined tracks and trails
  • Large tree removal and relocation
  • Rare and threatened plant translocations