Bushland & Waterway Maintenance

Aust Care Environmental Services has been Maintaining sensitive bushland and waterway systems for 17 years. Our crews are highly experienced in native plant and weed identifi cation, herbicide usage and ecological restoration.

Since opening our business we have been instrumental in protecting and maintaining:

• State Government waterways
• Council Bushland Reserves
• Wetlands and sediment detention basins
• Pipeline easements
• Road Reserves
• Rehabilitated mine sites
• Nature refuge and off set properties
• Major ecological corridors

Our bushland and waterway maintenance crews can:
• Identify, map and remove terrestrial and aquatic weeds
• Clear all unwanted vegetation
• Clean out culverts and drains
• Collect and dispose of rubbish
• Plant and maintain native plants
• Improve creek bank stabilisation
• Improve soil health and stability
• Monitor and report on ecosystem functioning
• Construct and maintain site fencing
• Construct and maintain fire breaks and access lines
• Remove and/or rectify sediment deposition
• Improve fauna habitat and connectivity

Easement Management

Aust Care Environmental Services has the expertise and resources to perform complete Easement and Land Management services for your asset or project. This includes management of sensitive natural areas , open space areas and facilities.

The services we deliver to ensure successful completion of this whole of asset management approach include:

  • Routine and regular communication and works planning with easement managers and, if required, community members
  • Mapping, planning and eradicating pest plants
  • Sensitive ecological restoration works within natural areas
  • Assisted native planting and maintenance in key locations
  • Management and delivery of cost effective seeding and hydro-mulching works
  • General grass control within open spaces areas
  • Detailed erosion and sediment control works in watercourses, steep slopes or drainage outlets
  • Subsidence rectification programs
  • Fencing construction and maintenance
  • Creation of fire breaks and general clearing that enables safe access to all parts of the asset
  • Routine easement and land management activity and progress reporting

Erosion Control

Erosion can be the major limiting factor in successful land rehabilitation projects and the biggest environmental compliance risk for landscape disturbance projects.

Aust Care Environmental Services has spent over 15 years controlling erosion on work sites and preventing sediment deposition and accumulation within natural areas. This experience, coupled with both a technical understanding of the International Erosion and Control Association (IECA) guidelines and effective health and safety systems, means we can create a range of resilient and effective erosion and sediment control devices for any site.

These devices can range from open or rock lined swale drains, seeded, hydro-mulched or jute mesh batters, whoa-boys, culverts, sediment control fences, level spreaders, coir logs, ripple pads, rock filter dams, spillways and sediment basins.

Natural Area Rehabilitation

The Aust Care Environmental Services natural area rehabilitation team are experts in planning, implementing and maintaining re-vegetation and offset plantings. With access to reliable plant suppliers, material providers and a keen eye for plant nutrition and disease symptoms, the team can ensure only the hardiest and healthiest plants are delivered and used on our clients site. Aust-care Environmental Services also manage seed collections, direct seeding and hydro-mulching operations that provide our clients the opportunity to re-vegetate large scale sites at a much lower square meter cost that is often associated with tube stock plantings. We can also oversee the design an construction of fauna corridors that allow native fauna to safely traverse disturbed areas.

Our plant and equipment includes a variety of water trucks and hole diggers which allows us to perform small or large plantings in a variety of situations including wetlands, steep batters and large grazing properties. All planters are routinely trained in the use of fall and arrest restraining systems that enables steep embankment plantings to occur safely and efficiently.

Track and Trail Construction

Aust Care Environmental Services construct bike and walking tracks to conform with National Park standard codes (track construction/ reconstruction works of Australian standard AS 2156-2001).  Depending on their predicted usage these tracks and trails can be made from natural earth material or more resilient decomposed granite.

Aust Care Environmental Services also specialise in the construction of vehicle access tracks , watercourse crossings, boardwalks, fire breaks and fire trails. All of which can be constructed in accordance with Local and State Government specifications. Our specialised all terrain equipment allows these assets to be built quickly with a minimum of disturbance to neighboring sites.

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Weed Control

Aust Care Environmental Services can provide a co-ordinated and integrated approach to weed management on a site. The team can perform weed mapping, planning and the implementation of weed eradication programs. With 8 dedicated spray vehicles including 6 quickspray units we can  effectively and efficiently target pest plants in any site.

Our pest plant control methods can vary across all industry best practice chemical and mechanical techniques; these methods are determined by the target species, time of year, chemical registrations,  site constraints and access. Our company also owns 2 small aluminium flat bottom water crafts that enable efficient and safe removal of aquatic weeds within wetlands and river systems.

All pest plant control operators are fully licensed in the use of chemicals and machinery as required by state and federal legislation and are routinely tested and trained in pest and native plant identification.