My team have just reminded me why we do this work and love it!!

Please take some time to look at some before and after images of the work we have been doing to restore, enhance and protect over 6.2ha of mixed sensitive Sedgeland, Wallum and low lying Paperbark and Eucalypt forest on the Sunshine Coast.

The habitat is home to the threatened and heavily protected Wallum Sedgefrog (Litoria olongburensis), Wallum Froglet (Crinia tinnula) and  Wallum Rocketfrog (Litoria freycineti)

Our efforts involved replanting and maintenance to bring the site back to a fully self- sustaining ecosystem and obtain Council sign off

Species included Juncus sp., Isolepis sp., Melaleuca pachyphylla, pultanea sp., Baumea teretifolia, Gahnia siberiana and many others.

The work required erosion and sediment control works, fixing existing poorly installed jute matting, planting and on-going careful and routine weed control works by a highly qualified and skilled weed control team.