So proud of my team right now. Working hard restoring a degraded landscape in 40 degree heat with a smile on their face.

This project saw Aust Care Environmental Services prepare a detailed landscape restoration plan for the site, engage with multiple stakeholders and implement the approve plan with efficiency and with no fuss and no incidents.

The work involved creating a long earth mound bund to trap surface water flows and prevent sediment entering the nearby waterway. It then involved the design and installation of 95 lineal m worth of fauna friendly fencing to prevent vandalism by others, site soil cultivation, the supply and installation of over 300m3 of soil and mulch and the planting and maintenance of nearly 1000 native tube stock plants. We also had to guard these plants with mesh to ensure do damage was done by the resident kangaroos. The mesh used is tall enough to prevent herbivory but can also allow light and breezes through to ensure the plants don’t “cook” during the summer heat.

This project is another example of how Aust Care Environmental Services can quickly and cost effectively restore degraded landscapes with a practical and no fuss approach.