You may have noticed that Brisbane has been experiencing a few bush fires of late. With all this heat and no rain its no wonder everything out there is ready to explode.

We’ve had bush fire on Russell Island and more recently at Boondall Wetlands.

Aust Care Environmental Services has been doing its bit to assist prevent and control these potential fires.

Recently we have commenced creating a large series of fire breaks and access tracks within an important and rare bushland conservation area in Brisbane’s bayside suburbs.

The work involves our highly experienced operators cutting and mulching fire lines and breaks through large She-Oak (Casuarina sp.) and Eucalyptus communities with our forestry mulchers.

The fire breaks we create allow fire crews safe areas to back burn, provide a break between the bush and surrounding assets and even increase the plant diversity of the site. They can also eradicate large swathes of weeds in a hurry.

The crew mulch the timber down to ground level creating a nice blanket of mulch across the surface that can safely transport maintenance vehicles and prevent erosion.

The level of detail in our work isn’t as easy as it looks and we are very lucky to have such competent forestry mulcher operators on our team!