In February 2017 Aust Care Environmental Services where awarded work to stabilise an important section of a high profile park creek bank in Brisbanes south. The work involved;

  • Installation of 40 lineal m of site security fencing
  • Performing all underground service location duties prior to excavation
  • The supply and installation of over 40m of flotation curtains to trap sediment
  • Stripping, removing and disposing of over 12 tonne of sub soils
  • The supply and installation of over 98 tonne of 600mm-800mm diameter rock
  • The installation of 400mm diameter timber logs reinforced with 2m long star pickets and wire

The work was carried our by the use of our 6 tonne excavator, skid steer loader, tipper trucks and hugely experienced civils team.

As the images show the site had minimal off target damage done to it and was left clean as a whistle!

The job however was not without its challenges – the work occurred just as the April 2017 floods commenced which resulted in work delays, damage to fencing and on site materials. This was not helped by continuous incidences of theft – logs, security fence panels and even the flotation curtain anchors that where installed to keep the sediment curtain in place where taken. Nonetheless we persevered and once a couple of weeks of dry conditions emerged we where able to complete the job in just 4 days. No environmental or safety incidents and with the minimum of fuss!

Well done to our crew for another job well done!