Aust Care Environmental Services has recently completed building and upgrading another natural area access track through a sensitive Casuarina and Eucalyptus forest in Brisbane’s east.

This track involved supplying and installing over 690 tonne of road base across a 1.5km length of  track. It also involved the creation of;

  • Water Diversion Berms
  • Outflow Drains
  • Cross flow drainage lines all lined with 75mm to 150mm gravel

In many parts of the track we excavated to a firm base, compacted, supplied and installed road base, watered and compacted again to give a neat smooth and final finish. In other parts our job was to make good existing tracks by re grading them to ensure existing erosion source points where rectified.

In all parts of the road it was our job to ensure the road was graded and contoured in such a way so that surface water would sheet flow off it as  soon as possible into surrounding stable environments. One of the most important tasks when building these assets!

In every case it is our job to perform these works with zero damage to the surrounding environment, no fuss and no environmental or safety issues; with this our team have excelled yet again. The pictures speak for themselves once more.