In May 2017 Aust Care Environmental Services upgraded over 800 lineal m of natural area access tracks within the ecological significant Bayview Conservation Park.

The works involved;

– Uplifting & trimming of trees hanging over track to facilitate access

– Removal of organic matter from tack surface as required

– Boxing out eroded areas, fill and track roll

– Re-profile road as required to obtain adequate cross flow

– Transport and stockpile approx. 300 tonnes of road-base

– Ferry road-base into site using 4×4 Tipper and install to a compacted depth of 100mm

– Gravel was pre-wet with water truck used to apply final water prior to rolling with vibrating roller

– Reinstate and/or Install Water bars and outflow drains as required

– Re-alignment of section of track

– General tidy of site and removal of excess material and waste.

All works were once again delivered with minimal fuss, no safety or environmental incidents, on time on budget and again received compliments from our client.