In July 2015 3608 native plants where planted out on a site in the Logan region. The site is an Offset site for the endangered Melaleuca irbyana and enjoys protection under local, state and federal legislation.

Our role was to maintain the site for 5 years and help turn a bare grassed paddock into a sustainable Melaleuca irbyana forest. This work involves routine weed control, replacement plantings as required, maintenance of fencing, regular plant counts, photo monitoring and reporting.

We took control of the site in late Spring 2015 and from there it hasn’t looked back.

The site was initially given to us heavily infested with weeds and in particular many small grass weeds sprouting up around the base of the  planted tube stock plants. This therefore required careful removal by hand. The work was slow going initially but once through it the careful and skilled weed control work in and around the plants has seen the plants grow from being 20cm tall seedlings to 4m giants in under 18 months.

The other range of plants within the site include Acacia , Jacksonia , Alphitonia, Mallotus, Grevillea, Corymbia, Allocasuarina, Syncarpia and Eucalyptus.

Very proud of our ecological restoration crew again and the continued dedication they show towards our clients projects.