Aust Care Environmental Services was awarded work to perform bulk weed removal, fire break construction work and the development of a site specific and practical Weed Management Plan on a large, ecologically sensitive and iconic development site in Brisbane’s north.

The work involved;

  • The mechanical removal of over 10,000sqm of land heavily infested with impenetrable forests of Lantana and Tobacco weed trees.
  • The creation of a 1200m long by 5m wide fire break around the sites eastern and northern perimeter.
  • The supply of a 3 man weed control crew team over 10 days to hand remove weeds in sensitive mangrove forests and creek systems.
  • The development of a practical Weed Management Plan and Scope of Works document that will be used to direct weed control contractors throughout the site for a 2 year period.

This work was carried out with maximum efficiency, void of any safety incidences and in complete adherence to the sites health and safety management system. Most importantly the work has removed many of the constraints that were preventing the proper ecological functioning of some of the sites natural areas. Having these constraints removed means native plants can regenerate and the sites host of native fauna can disperse more easily in search of a wider variety of food sources, habitat and breeding partners.

The client continues to call on our company for advice and direction as to how to best manage this large and important site.