Aust Care Environmental Services has recently completed another important landscape restoration and weed control project on the Sunshine Coast. This work involved;

  • Developing a no-fuss, practical and fit for purpose cost effective scope of works and landscape restoration plan
  • Removing and disposing of  existing on site left over construction materials
  • Initial and on going weed control across a 16ha site; including the felling and treatment of 20-30m tall pine trees
  • The supply and installation of over 1250 native native tube stock plants, jute mat squares and tree guards
  • On going watering and weed control to ensure the site is stable and being returned back to a self sustaining ecosystem
  • The supply and installation of over 50m3 of mulch into very difficult to access areas behind the development

The project was once again delivered with no fuss, no incidents and no variations.

The work was requested to be done in a hurry within a minimum time frame as our client was needing it done quickly for their approvals. Our team sourced plants and materials from their wide range of industry contacts, quickly mobilised the team and machinery and now have it done and dusted ready for the warmer weather and of course …. Santa!

The key to success on this project was once again the development of a clear, practical, accurate and properly costed scope of works document, empowering clients and an on-ground team equipped with the latest natural area machinery and equipment, industry leading machinery operators and skilful on ground environmental operators who have tremendous passion for their trade and pride in their product!