Aust Care have recently completed and continue to maintain and important riparian area in Brisbane’s north.  This Creek Re-vegetation Project aimed at addressing issues encountered along the watercourse resulting from clearing, urbanisation, weed infestation and other associated problems such as erosion and nutrient level increases. This is being achieved through the establishment of native vegetation along the watercourse which is providing canopy cover to reduce waterway maintenance costs; provide habitat and a wildlife corridor; stabilise banks; improve water quality and generally improve the aesthetic appeal of the waterway.

The works Aust Care performed included:
– Initial site set-up
– Initial weed control along the creek
– Supply and installation of 270m2 of Coir Mesh
– Supply and installation of 1,370 native tube stock plants
– Supply and installation of 1,370 corflute tree guards
– Establishment and maintenance waters of 1,1370 newly installed plants
– Maintenance for 2 years including on-going and routine weed control and tree guard and litter removal
– Progress reports including photo monitoring

As you can see from the images above the site is now very clean, all planted plants are up out of their tree guards and starting to resemble a self sustaining ecosystem with the project aims achieved.