In autumn 2016 Aust Care Environmental Services were engaged by one of our clients in Brisbanes North to supply, coordinate, plant and maintain over 40,000 native tube stock plants at the local Waste Transfer Station

This project was driven by the need for our client to comply with their offset obligations as a result of some clearing works on another project.

The Aust Care team sourced and negotiated supply with several nurseries, were able to source and provide all species requested in minimum time frame , planted and guarded 40,000 tube stock plants within 2 weeks on time and on budget.

We then maintained the site to keep it weed free and ensure nothing would impact on the growth of the plants. The results speak for themselves. Check out our range of before and after shots above. Amazing what can be achieved within 12 months. Great work to our team and especially to our client for making this a reality in record time!